Adam Williams - Photography

Reverence: Portraits of Natures Mortes is a photographic series by Adam Williams. It highlights the details of the natural world, primarily from the mountains and wild that surround where he lives in Colorado.
This work is a creative and spiritual practice of noticing the often overlooked, of spending time with it. It’s a practice of seeing with intention, and often of following intuition to discover the pieces Adam collects and photographs in his studio.
In each of these ​natures mortes (still life, plural) there is a silent story. How did they come to bear the textures and weathered marks, the hints of life and death? Ancient stones. Sun-bleached bones. Remnants of a bird or deer that have come to rest, and whatever has followed for those remnants — until they land in Adam’s hands.
Reverence is the work of noticing and revering the simple.