Cindy Brinkman - Alcohol Ink

Cindy Brinkman is a teacher, musician and self-taught artist who lives in Colorado Spring, Colorado. She expresses her creative inner voice through a variety of mediums, styles, and techniques including alcohol ink, watercolor, mixed media and collage. Since beginning her art career in 2017 her work has been exhibited in galleries and art shows in Colorado Springs and Denver.  She has also created commissioned works of art and a jewelry line featuring wearable works of art.
A love of nature and geology inspires much of her art.  Working mainly with alcohol ink, her work captures energy, movement, and fluidity.  By laying down color and exploring shapes, abstract landscapes are created by the unpredictable flow of ink as it hits the paper.  Her process is an improvisational journey – a combination of intentional composition and spontaneous intuition. The result creates images of beauty, strength and the wonder found in nature.
Her body of work includes alcohol ink paintings, painted tiles, and jewelry where each piece is a miniature work of art.
Through Cindy’s use of organic shapes and the vibrancy of color in work, her art stirs the imagination, speaks to the soul and evokes a connection to the beauty of Mother Earth.