Deb Komitor - Oil

Deb Komitor was born and raised in Ohio. She spent her childhood enjoying the wealth of nature climbing trees and spending hours in creeks catching tadpoles and butterflies. Always drawing and creating Deb received a scholarship to attend Columbus College of Art and Design where she earned her BFA. She then went on to receive her MFA at Colorado State University where she fell in love with Colorado. Moving from the Midwest in 1997, she now resides in Colorado Springs with her husband Steve, her constant dog companions Indy and Zoe, and two feline critters. She creates her art in a large light filled studio located in an old school house built in 1902. Deb finds endless inspiration in all that surrounds her. Her landscape paintings express the joy, wonder and hope she feels in nature through a distinct style all her own. One feels the energy in each brushstroke as her paintings convey the forces and serenity in nature.

“Daring and daunting, the paintings of Deb Komitor put perspective at the forefront. As an artist whose interest primarily lies in depicting the natural realm, Komitor has the ability to articulate her point of view in a captivating and clear manner.

In her latest series she focuses her attention on the trees.  From the ground up we see them in an abstract haze, the giants touching the sky.  Each knot and twisting branch displays their unique characteristics, the individual idiosyncrasies. Komitor’s decision to portray these works in an almost pixelated fashion, asks the viewer to take a step back in order to see her works fully realized.  This in turn draws you in and keeps you there.  Her warm interpretations render you frozen, made to stay and take in the details. 

Her vivid color choices accurately reflect the scenes she chooses to depict as well.  At times they appear almost photographic, which again highlights the style in which she paints.” - Nicki Maggiore, Abend Gallery