Desirea Garcia - Pottery

My Goal as a Ceramic Artist is to create functional and traditional forms that include organic, yet minimal sculptural elements.
I started using faces as a way to hide what I perceived to be imperfections in my forms. Where I found uneven thicknesses in the walls of my pots, I saw the potential to stretch the clay into expressive characters, pushing and pulling at the wet clay wall to create a simplified human likeness.
Though I have grown into a Confident potter, I have developed such a fondness for the faces that I still bring them into the process. In a way, they have become the flaw in the pot, rather than a charm or character to distract from imperfection.  I hope that these pots encourage the people who love and use them, to wear their human imperfections and flaws with pride. 
The majority of The Pots in this body of work are gas reduction fired to cone ten, Using a combination of glazes mixed with love in the ceramics collective that I am a part of. For this collection, I gravitated mostly toward transparent glazes that would emphasize the artist's imprint at the end of the process of making. I used traditional colors such as Korean Celadon, Tychane Celadon, Chun transparent, and Coleman's purple, as well as a handful of opaque glazes such as Shino, Buttermilk, and Tea Dust. there are a small number of pieces that were electric fired to cone six, using commercial Velvet black underglaze and clear over the top to showcase and finish that surface.
These Pots were thoughtfully injected with Personality from the beginning so they could bring their unique characters and function to kitchen tables and bookshelves. My goal is for them to be useful as well as observant in their spaces, and to make you smile while working with them throughout your day.