Jack Malloch - Acrylic

In earlier years, living in Nebraska, I worked in a variety of formats including painting, printmaking, and sculpture, exhibiting throughout the Omaha and Council Bluffs area. As a resident of Colorado Springs for over 30 years, I now paint primarily with acrylics on canvas or board.

I paint pretty much representational art, rather than anything purely abstract. However, sometimes I begin with natural random techniques, like splashes, sprays, salt resists, or applying paint with foil, tissues, and even cheesecloth. I then study these initial efforts, looking for the final image I can reveal with more traditional brush and detail work.

At other times, I already have an idea of what I want and start out more traditionally, with sketches, color washes, etcetera. I have always painted images that come to my mind, rather than working from an actual scene or location, although elements of real locations may also be incorporated.

I try to focus on the effects of light - grey days, twilight, sunrise, sunset, and strong shadows, striving for feelings of mood, fantasy, and a little mystery.