Paulette Triplett- Watercolor & Oil

Paulette Triplett was born and raised in rural New England. Her appreciation for nature and flowers comes from this lifestyle and influences her love for gardening. While living in Vermont, Paulette developed many forms of creativity including quilting, gardening, sewing, spinning, weaving, and basketry, eventually building a business. For 15 years, she served with her family in many nations with University of the Nations, with Hawaii as a home base, in the areas of teaching, art, and community development. With the need for more mobile art forms, painting in several mediums has served her well. She presently lives on the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, lending greater inspiration to her work. Paulette won many awards through her various form of artistic expression. She enjoys working on portraits inspired by her heart for diverse cultures and peoples she has met around the world, and has opened the “Hidden Artist Workshop”, providing a safe place for others to explore the “hidden artist” within themselves. She loves to encourage people of all ages to explore their creative side: “Everyone has hidden desires and dreams within to be creative and clever -- to explore and discover that which brings life and personal discovery -- a part of our nature that is dormant and looking for permission and expression -- cracking a door withing that allows the true essence of who we are to be explored and examined -- something that we own that is uniquely and exclusively ours to keep or to give.”