Teri Homick - Mixed Media

Teri Homick is best known for her abstract ethereal paintings in alcohol inks, a medium new to the fine art world. The additive and subtractive nature of her process with the free-flowing inks often brings forth haunting figures subject to interpretation.
Her new body of work features several ink paintings, but also pays loving tribute to the crows she feeds daily. Teri has been profoundly impacted by these magnificent creatures and she's incorporated acrylics, pastels and various collage elements in her new crow pieces.
Homick's education is in design, marketing, and advertising, which she's applied to an extensive newspaper career in Texas and Colorado Springs, spending the last 25+ years at the Independent. As a relative newcomer to the arts scene, Teri's been well received. She's secured 16 exhibitions in her first year and a half of showing, and is thrilled to have embarked on this new chapter in life as an artist.